Energy iGEMS

The Energy iGEMS is specifically designed to lower your electric bill while reducing your carbon footprint. The Energy iGEMS offers the latest technology and is manufactured by GOES. Our residential Energy iGEMS is hard wired into a residence main electrical panel by a licensed electrician. The Energy iGEMS is a universal size and fully automated. The Energy iGEMS will adjust to meet the electrical needs of the home as the load fluctuates.

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Solar iGEMS

GOES is revolutionizing the solar industry with patented technology that offers industry leading aesthetics as well as the highest efficiency panels in the industry. GOES product is monolithically integrated and not made from individual cells. This enables streamlined high-yield production, flexibility in product design, and superior reliability.

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GOES Servicing

The GOIS removes solid, liquid, and gaseous contaminants through purification by re-refining engine oil down to one micron size particles; eliminating oil changes up to 100,000 miles or 6,000 engine hours. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, the GOIS filtration system is 9,600% better than standard filters which results in longer engine life and increased fuel mileage. Quick installation reduces costs and down time.

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The Energy iGEMS are designed to make the motors run at peak proficiency; therefore, saving natural resources while saving money.
The Solar iGEMS are designed to produce energy with the most state of art solar panels and inverters on the market.
GOES Servicing is specifically set up to service the oil and gas industry with state of the art oil refining technology.