In 2007 Dustin Young founded GOES Energy Leasing. GOES leaped into the green industry by offering clients the ability to refine contaminated motor oil instead of changing it which resulted in lower operational cost as well as conservation. The oil refiners were successfully mounted on fleets and motors across the state.

In 2009, GOES expanded their product line and became the first company in Oklahoma to offer energy saving management systems (EMS) for commercial and residential clients under the name GOES Energy. The first residential models were stagnant hard-wire models and came in two standard sizes. Commercial models were custom made to fit the specific needs of the client’s buildings. During this time, GOES also added the misting units to the product line. This combinated provided significant savings to both residential and commercial clients.

In 2011, Darren Walker teamed up with GOES. The company underwent a name change to Green Opportunities Energy Solutions, which reflects the new direction the company was heading. While keeping the acronym “GOES”, this name change signified our desire to bring multiple opportunities and solutions to the green technology sector. During this inauguration year, GOES filed a new patent on the residential energy management system keeping us on the cutting edge of technology. GOES has never settled when it comes product development and is always seeking the latest innovations.

In 2013, GOES was pleased to introduce the first intelligent energy management system (iGEMS) to the market. The iGEMS was capable of reading and reacting to the energy demands placed on an electrical panel rendering the stagnant models obsolete. During this time, GOES also brought another green product to residential consumers. The Stealth Solar Kit has been in great demand since it was introduced. The Stealth kit offers a superior monolithic thin solar panel which captures energy from the sun even in shady conditions. GOES has strategically paired the iGEMS with the Stealth Solar Kit to make a truly unique product.

From its humble beginnings in Oklahoma, GOES has quickly emerged as a leader in the green energy industry with their products spanning across the United States. In 2013, GOES opened a new showroom in New Orleans. GOES continually strives to research and develop products that capitalize on the latest technology while being cost effective. When customers think of GOES, they think of quality and integrity. GOES stands behind their products ensures customer satisfaction. At GOES, it is not just a name on a product, it is our name on the product.