iGEMS Savings
Due to the vast differences in costs between a consumer’s electrical bills, discussing the amount of money saved through iGEMS can be misleading. After an audit of your facility, GOES will present a proposal with your anticipated return on investment (ROI). Although the differences in kVA demand for Customers can be large, each will benefit from the installation of the iGEMS with a ROI under 24 months. The benefits are obtained from the following information:
  • Existing power factor
  • Target power factor
  • Existing kVA demand
  • Utility and rate structure
GOES Requirements
After our initial meeting, GOES will schedule a facility audit. During the audit GOES certified and trained electricians will conduct several studies with metering equipment to gather all of the required data to properly engineer the iGEMS for your facility. Once audit and sizing are complete, the client will be ask to provide GOES with the following information:
  • 12 Months past electric bills
  • Blueprint of facility (optional)
  • Letter of Intent (LOI provided by GOES)
Once this information is gathered, GOES will provide a report within 7-10 days outlining the estimated annual savings, guaranteed ROI, and cost for the custom iGEMS installation.
GOES Installation
Installation of iGEMS will be performed by the same GOES trained and certified electricians that perform the energy audit and sizing. Surprisingly, the iGEMS installation process will be completed with very little or no interruption to our clients daily processes. The majority of installations are completed in one day.
GOES Warranty
The warranty that GOES provides is second to none in our industry. We stand behind our products with a 5 year workmanship and installation warranty. In addition, GOES will also replace the iGEMS (within the first 5 years) at no cost to our clients if the iGEMS were to get destroyed from a lightning strike or power surge.
GOES Financing Solutions
GOES stands behind its products and we’re confident that our iGEMS will save you money on your electric bill. We want to remove any obstacles that may prevent your company from taking advantage of the iGEMS. Financing options are available with plans starting at 0% interest for qualified companies.
  • 0% interest financing options
  • 12 to 60 month financing plans available
  • Buy now and pay with your savings
  • Programs can be setup for any size company
  • In house and third party financing options available
  • Obtain your iGEMS equipment without affecting your cash flow