Arvest Bank

arvest Arvest Bank manages more than $11 Billion worth of assets among its 16 locally managed banks. It has more than 240 branches in more than 90 communities throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas—making Arvest one of the largest banks in their areas of operation. Growing from a small bank in a small town to a regional bank in towns both small and large, Arvest has remained true to the principles and practices that have made it successful in order to guide its future. They have always worked to put the needs of their customers first as they continue to fulfill their corporate mission, which includes serving as good stewards of its resources. Enter Arvest’s relationship with GOES Energy. In 2010, Arvest contacted GOES and expressed interest in testing out the GOES units on one of their buildings that had large chillers in constant operation which produced considerably high electric bills. GOES met with them, sized their facility, and provided Arvest with tests demonstrating that the GOES Energy Management System dramatically increased the efficiency of their chillers and had the ability to decrease costs by reducing amperage and power factor being corrected. After the review, Arvest had GOES Energy Management Systems installed on its building.