Linn Energy

linn With humble beginnings as a handful of natural gas wells with few employees, LINN Energy has done well for itself over the years. Since being founded by current company executive and director Michael C. Linn, it has since found its corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, with over 1,000 employees spread across the nation. After becoming the first publicly traded independent oil and natural gas limited liability company, LINN has now become a top 15 multi-billion dollar exploration and production company. LINN’s core focus areas of explorations are the Mid- Continent, the Permian Basin, the Hugoton Basin, the Rockies, and the states of Michigan and California. And the company’s hard work and dedication shows, as by the end of 2011, LINN had closed more than seven billion in acquisitions, paid its 23rd consecutive quarterly distribution to unitholders and delivered a total unitholder return of approximately 200 percent. As of that year, LINN Energy’s total enterprise value was over 10 million dollars. As of 2013, GOES relationship with LINN is nearly four years and counting. In 2008, the company invited our team to install our units on one of its 150HP injection pumps for testing, and the results were nothing short of outstanding. As shown from the graphic below, our GOES Energy Management System was able to save LINN over $2000 in its electric bill each month, which is a reduction of over 40 percent on the company’s energy bill each month (a detailed graphic is shown below). The results continue to be successful for LINN Energy, and the team at GOES is now working on developing a pumping unit for the company in the near future.