Energy iGEMS Benefits

The intelligent GOES Energy Management System (iGEMS) reduces the need for reactive power supplied by the utility company. Because the reactive power is recirculated by the iGEMS, extra capacity and efficiency will be gained by everything up line in the electrical distribution.
Reactive Power
Electrical machines require energy in order to work. But in order for electric motors to turn their shafts, they need more energy than what is required to maintain their magnetic fields.This energy is known as reactive (or magnetizing) power. Utility companies provide a limited amount of reactive power at no cost. However, customers with high reactive power loads are charged for additional power. This is known as a power factor penalty (or demand charge/power factor surcharge).
Harmonics are steady state distortions of the electrical sine wave, and are often phrased as total harmonic distortions (THD). The graphic above illustrates the difference between a harmonic contaminated sine wave (Wave 1) and a normal sine wave (Wave 2). The distorted sine wave can cause damage to electrical equipment throughout an entire facility. The good news is that the iGEMS does not produce harmonics like variable speed drives or variable frequency drives.
Low Power Factor
Power factor (pf) is the ratio of the active (or usable) power measured in kilowatts (kW), to the total (active and reactive) power measured in kilovolt amperes (kVA). This ratio is calculated in the following formula: pf = active power (kW) / total power (kVA) Power factor is commonly measured in percentages, with 100 percent being a perfect power factor, called unity, which is represented in the following formula: total power (kVA) = active power (kW) In theory, if an electrical motor is at a unity pf, then a utility company would not need to supply any reactive power because the motor is operating at 100% efficiency. The “target power factor” to avoid paying the utility company a penalty is between 90 to 100%.
The example in “Diagram 1” simplifies the application of the Energy iGEMS equipment. While the process can be simple at times, certain situations are more challenging when an entire electrical distribution flow requires correction. The Energy iGEMS capacitors handle it all by serving as a “reactive power generator.” Instead of drawing reactive power from a utility company, the Energy iGEMS system provides motors with the magnetizing energy needed to operate. With the Energy iGEMS providing the magnetizing energy needed to run, the amperage draw from the electric company will be greatly reduced. Improving the pf will reduce demand charges and pf penalties from the electric company. Reduced amperage and increased pf from the Energy iGEMS is a measurable savings.